Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

After much anticipation, looking at the weather on my phone and the internet about 50 times yesterday, and saying a little prayer...yes I actually did pray for it, it SNOWED!!! I'm so glad that it did today instead of yesterday. Warren was off! So, we had a much needed, much enjoyed day off as a family. It was wonderful!!!

The kids slept in until 7! Cooper got up and as soon as he saw snow outside he said, "It's Christmas!" (A little explanation...Christmas morning he was highly disappointed when he woke up and there was no snow. I think we had watched a little too much Polar Express and Elf! :) It took him a few minutes to really believe us that it was not Christmas, but he really didn't mind too much. He just wanted to go outside and play in the snow, so we were outside by 8 AM.

Madelyn and I were only outside long enough for me to take these pictures. She got to wear her cute snowsuit that Aunt Kat got her for Christmas. Cooper and Warren went outside 3 different times. Each time Cooper wanted to make snow angels and play snowball fight. He also ate some snow :0 Madelyn and I watched from the house where it was nice and warm. The boys decided to include us in the snowball fight and began throwing snowballs at the window where we were watching.

Cooper insisted at some point that he needed hot chocolate (again, too much Polar Express this winter). He likes his hot chocolate like I do...warm, not hot. He was upset when we told him that he couldn't go out anymore. I didn't want him to get sick. I truly hope he doesn't, but that boy loved the snow. He couldn't stand staying out too long in it, but I sure couldn't blame him. I was only out there for about 4 minutes and was ready to come in. 25 degrees is COLD! I know some of you who are from up north are laughing at me, but to me that is COLD!!!

Here are some pictures I took in the 4 minutes Madelyn and I were outside with the guys.


Ellie said...

AHHH, what great photos. LOVED LOOKING AT THEM!!!!

Ellie said...

Oh yes, and there was no school for that????? I should post photos of the weather here.....

aunt kat said...

that's the best snow angel that i ever did see!!! maddie looked to cute in her snow outfit! i'm glad such an appropriate occasion came up so she could rock it out! :)