Sunday, January 18, 2009

He still loves her

I thought by now the absolute unconditional love that Cooper has for Madelyn might have faded somewhat. Especially since she has taken so much of our attention away from him. But, his love for her is just as strong, if not more, than it was the day she came home. She has been having a hard month this month with multiple ear infections. She has cried and cried. It is so obvious that she has been hurting. Cooper has been nothing but sympathetic with her. He has never once asked us to put her down or fussed about her crying. Yesterday, I said, "I don't know what's wrong with her!" And Cooper said, "Mommy, her ear is hurting her!" :) She is just now starting to really watch him and grin at him. I know that someday soon she will love him just as much as he loves her.

Here are some pictures I took the other day of the two of them.

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hope obriant said...

Thanks so much for including me on your blog. I love reading it! It is so sweet.