Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Has Finally Sprung!!!

What a beautiful day it was today! We spent almost every second outside. It was wonderful. Madelyn loves outside so much. I don't think she fussed one time the whole time we were out there...which was for hours. It started out just us. Then the boys (Cooper and Warren) went to the "Highway Nursery" (really it's called Greenway, but Cooper calls it the highway...I guess because it's highway!:) to get some plants, fertilizer, and some other things needed to start our garden. Cooper is his gardening buddy and they already have plans for a big garden this year.

After a little while, Warren's parents came over. Warren's dad tilled up our garden (wow!! it's big this year) with his new tractor. It was so much easier than Warren having to use the walk behind tiller. Plus, Cooper thought the tractor was really really cool.

Cooper presented me with some lovely petunias he got for me at the "highway nursery". He is so thoughtful. That's the fourth time that he's brought me flowers. Some girl is going to be lucky one day. His daddy is teaching him right.

I hope to have some pictures of the garden soon. I didn't get any this afternoon. I did take some of the kids this morning when we were out. Notice Cooper helping daddy with the gardening by watering the weeds! ;)

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful day! It was gorgeous!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

He is Risen!!!

This Easter was so special. Cooper is able to understand that Easter is more than eggs, more than bunnies, and much more than candy. He's been studying about Jesus' sacrifice for us on the cross for the past month or so. Some of the questions have been hard and some Warren and I weren't sure if he was old enough to discuss, but overall it was such a wonderful lesson for us all. To remember that Christ died for us and see it through the eyes of a child learning it for the first was truly touching.

Warren and I had been struggling on how to handle the easter bunny thing. We want the focus of Easter to be on Jesus...not on some bunny. But we didn't really want to eliminate the bunny, egg hunts, etc. altogether. So we decided just to down play all of that and have a tradition of our own. We did easter baskets and egg hunts. Cooper had fun at all of those. We colored eggs and decorated them. But, the most important thing that we did, and the most excited Cooper got about anything was the new tradition we came up with. We got a big box, and on Friday night (Good Friday) we discussed Jesus' death. We had a loaf of bread that represented Jesus' body. We wrapped it in a cloth (graveclothes) and laid it in the box (the tomb). We sealed the tomb...Cooper helped with each of these things. AND it stayed on our ottoman in our living room for the three days. Easter morning the seal was broken and the bread had disappeared. ONLY the cloth remained. On Easter morning, Cooper didn't go looking for his easter basket, candy, anything like that....he went straight for the tomb...he knew it would be empty!!! He said, "Mommy, Daddy, He has risen!!!" WE told the true Easter story. AND it was one of those times that you feel you got it right as a parent (there aren't too many of those).

Thank you, Jesus for your sacrifice! He is Risen!!! He is Risen, Indeed!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Play Ball!!!

Cooper has started T-Ball! He loves to hit the ball, play in the dirt, run around, throw his glove up in the air, and wear his "form" or "costume" (those are the two things he calls his uniform). We are so thankful that he has three really patient coaches. His main coach is one of Warren's really good friends, and he has been so understanding and encouraging to Cooper.

Cooper's team is made up of some really cute kids. Every kid on the team seems to be really sweet. The parents are great. I think it will be a fun fun summer. Hopefully, Cooper will learn some baseball skills, but more importantly, I hope he learns a little discipline, has a great time, gets some great exercise, and makes some lasting friendships.

He plays for Pizza Inn. My sister, Cherise, informed me that this is where Will (my nephew) got his start. ;) That made Cooper so proud. He looks up to Will in every way. Cooper got to pick his baseball number. He chose 5! When we were taking pictures before we left the house for his game he said, "Momma, get a picture of my number!" :) He was so excited and so proud.

He looks so big in his uniform (that is huge on him...and everything is xtra small!), but out on that field...he looks so little. I can't get over it and each time I see the pictures..I grin and say "AWWW!", but a little part of me tears up. My baby is getting big and pretty soon he won't be throwing his glove in the air and playing in the dirt. I know it won't be long until he remembers to wear his glove on his left hand instead of his right. I'd like for time to stand still for a little while, but I know it won't so I am enjoying these days to the fullest.

I hope you enjoy some of these pictures. They are from Cooper's first t-ball game and group pictures!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling!

Madelyn has learned a new trick. She likes to roll all over the living room to get where she wants. She doesn't like to be on her tummy for any length of time, so I'm not sure if she will ever learn to crawl. But, she doesn't seem to care. Why should she? She is getting what she wants by her new found skill. Let me tell you, she's FAST!!!

She is getting to be such a big girl. Now that her tubes are in her ears, she is a happy girl most of the time. She started sitting up in March and is eating 3 times a day (cereal, fruits and veggie babyfoods). She is a picky eater. She has to have her veggies one bite after her fruits, or she will refuse! :) It took her a month of trying to finally eat cereal. She would make an awful face and refuse to open her mouth. She would gag before you even touched the cereal to her mouth. It was funny.

Cooper was always my one that was ready to hit each milestone before he should even be able to do that. Madelyn is way more laid back. She is happy where she is and if she learns something new, great...but not that big of a deal! It is amazing how different they are already. Maybe she will really turn out to be laid back. That would be a good contrast to Cooper's energy.

Here are some recent pictures of my sweet sweet girl! By the way, she can say Mama. I have no doubt she learned that word from her brother that says, "Mama, Hey Mama!!!" ALL DAY AND NIGHT LONG!