Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013

safari park  zoo  reading chain   bubbles  sidewalk chalk  pool  picnic  bowling  skating  vbs   make birdfeeder  catch fireflies   library program each week  take crafts for grandparents  outdoor family game night  backyard s'mores  backyard campout  flashlight walk in the dark  water gun fight  eat breakfast outside  swim at night take flowers to grandparents  watermelon on the trampoline watch the clouds  Monsters University  bake cookies and share with a neighbor  lemonade stand  scavenger hunt  help someone write letters to out of town family  watch a sunset  icecream in a bag  send out flat Cooper and Madelyn play tennis  paint rocks  make silly putty  get carded (7 cards in 7 days)  lay on a blanket and watch the clouds  a Generals Game  Holiday World  Coop and Warren to Jr. Kids Camp  pick blueberries at Kizer's farm  tie dye shirts  stargaze  geocaching park  playdough  new game night  science experiments  Cooper cursive  Cooper multiplication   Madi letters/numbers  catch a frog    baseball in the backyard

It's Been Two Years..

...since I've written or posted anything on this blog.  Sad.  I have to chalk it up to being so busy as a mom, wife, teacher, etc.  Life gets in the way, doesn't it.  Looking back, I realize that it is so important that I journal--either here or somewhere.  Sadly, I didn't remember some of the information that I had posted on the blog.  I have to write down.  I'm losing my memory.  HA!  So, I am seriously going to try to pick this back up where I've left off. 

Right now, Cooper has just finished the 2nd grade.  He is 8 years old and is growing up so quickly.  He has matured so much in the last 6 months.  It is truly amazing.  He is taking piano and Taekwondo. 

Madelyn will be 5 in a few months.  She sure has changed a whole lot in the fast few months.  She is still sweet, but she sure has a sassy side to her.  She just finished her last year in preschool at the Methodist Church.  She did so well there.  She will start early 5's this year at Milan Elementary School.  She is getting to be so big.  She wants to do anything and everything that Cooper does. The other night Cooper caught a frog in the backyard.  Madelyn loved that frog.  I had to "make" her finally let him go.