Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kids Say the Funniest Things

The past few weeks, the kids have said some really funny things.  Someone asked me if I was keeping a list because I would forget.  I realized, the best place to keep that kind of list would be on here.  This blog has become a way to communicate with out of town family, but mostly a memory bank for me. :)  So, this is so that I will not forget the funny things my kids say.
Me:  Madelyn, come here. (pause)  Madelyn, come here.  (pause)   Madelyn, please come here!
Madelyn (as she walks in the room):  Mommy, you not need me so much!  (as she puts both hands up with palms facing me)

Me:  Warren, come here and listen to what Madi said to me.
Warren:  What did you say to your mommy?
Madelyn:  We not need to talk about this anymore!  (With hand gestures and helium voice)
***Of course we died laughing, and I have no recollection of why I was calling for her. :)

Cooper:  Hey, Momma, can we go to Jackson today to get me a pet?
Me:  What?  What kind of pet?
Cooper:  A Guinna pig or a "Kimono Dragon" or a crab or a cat?
Me:  What???????


One day while at Granny and Pop Pop's house, Madelyn just said out of the blue...."What in the World (woyald)?  What are y'all talking about?"   She said it like we were crazy.  It was too funny!

It is also funny to hear her say things like actually and aggravating.  One day she used them both in a sentence.  Actually, Mommy, Bubby is  aggravating (agabating) me!!!
Cooper had me tie a blanket around his neck. As he was "flying" around the house, Madi said, "Oh, you a pwincess!!!" (imagine in a helium filled voice). Cooper stopped and said, "Madi, you're silly, I'm a superhero!" Wow, the joy of having a boy and a girl!!! :)
One night when the weather was supposed to be really bad, we were coming home from the shelter of our church basement.  The lightening was just beautiful and Cooper said, "It must be Jesus' birthday, and they are having a fireworks' show in Heaven!"