Sunday, August 15, 2010

Professional Picture Sneak Peak

I finally scheduled someone to take Madelyn and Cooper's pictures. We haven't had this done since Madelyn was 6 months old, and now she is almost 2 years.

I found Jennifer on facebook. She had taken some pictures of several people I know, and each and every photo was amazing. I had seen her work from all different types of photos...from weddings, to couples, to newborns, to children...and even entire families. She is very creative and the resulting photos were outstanding.

So, I emailed her and although she works full time, we found a time that we both could do in less than a month. We chose to meet out at Crenshaw's Christmas tree farm for a "country" feel.

We were late because both Warren and I thought we knew how to get there. We were relying on our old memories and some old run-down signs sure didn't help us find our way. :) By the time we got there, it was threatening rain. So, Jen suggested we just do a mini-session (30 minutes). I'm so glad we did. We beat the storm...and if it had gone on too much longer, I think Cooper might have had a melt down. Madelyn on the other hand, ate every bit of it up. She loved it. In fact, after each shot, she would go back to the place Jen had used for that shot, get back into position, and wait for her to take her picture again. :) She loved loved loved it.

Jennifer was naturally wonderful with my kids. They felt so comfortable around her. I will definitely be setting up more sessions with her as the years go on. :) And Jennifer, if you are reading this. Thank you soooooooooo much for a wonderful experience!

I haven't gotten all the pictures yet, but Jen did put some "sneak peaks" on facebook 2 hours after we left the farm. The peaks are amazing, and so I cannot wait to see what the others look like. :)

Here are the peaks

Don't you just LOVE these shots. If you live near Trenton (where Jen is from). Here is her information. Check her out. and you can search her out of facebook as well. Her facebook name is JRB Photography by Jennifer Renae Browning. All photos on this post are copyright protected by her. :)