Friday, February 13, 2009

Half Her Life

My poor Madelyn has finished her 3rd month of antibiotics and ear infections. I feel so terrible for her. She is so upset a lot of the time because of the pain. Really there is nothing the doctors can do for her, but I hate it. The doctor finally referred her to an ENT. We will see him on Monday morning. I am hoping that he will schedule her for tubes soon so that hopefully she will feel like herself again. She will be 6 months in a few weeks. So, truly she has been going through this half of her life. :( When she isn't hurting, she is he happiest sweetest baby. She loves to watch Cooper and grin at her daddy when he's not looking. :) It is so cute. He will turn his head and catch her just grinning at him. She will grab your face and plant a wet kiss wherever her mouth lands. AND she has learned the loudest squeal possible. Boy is it loud! :)
Please keep her in your prayers and maybe she will be grinning more often in the next few weeks.

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Ellie said...

That poor little angel. I am so sorry. I hope Monday brings relief.