Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

 This year was so much fun.  My sister, Cherise, is so good about orgainizing things.  My mom, Kyle, is so good about letting us just take over her and Dad's house.  My other sister, Kat, is so good about hosting and getting things together at their house.   I'm good about showing up!  Not usually on time, but showing up! :)  This time we were on time.  Surprise Surprise!!!  HA!  It was stressful times at our house getting the kids dressed in their costumes and getting the goodies prepared for us all to eat at Mom and Dad's.  Anyway, somehow we managed.  We eve had time to stop by and "treak or treat" and Granny and Pop Pop's house before making our way to Nana and Papa's. 

Here is "Jesse" visiting Granny and Pop Pop
The kids all acted really good.  The younger kids, Cooper, Barrett, and Madelyn were all dressed in Toy Story theme.  Cooper was Buzz, Barrett was Woody, and Madelyn was Jesse.  Will came as a mobster, but a little elderly lady asked if he was a preacher, so we started calling him Creflo Dollar, the teleevangelist. :)  Will loved that!  AND he kept saying, "I'm Creflo Dollar", then about 2 hours later he said, "Who is Creflo Dollar anyway!"  We all thought that was too funny!!!

They all loved playing with each other and liked the trick or treating part.  I knew that Cooper would love the trick or treating, but didn't think Madelyn would get into it.  But, oh did she ever!!!  She was walking (running) as fast as her little legs could go from door to door.  She would say "I want one" instead of "trick or treat".  She would always say "thank you!"  Then she would run to the next house saying, "Um on Boys!"  or "Um on, Nana!"  :)  It was a fun fun fun night.  Enjoy the pics.

I love this action shot.  They look like they really are the characters. :)

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