Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Whirlwind Nashville Trip

Our family at the reception

A few weekends back we had a whirlwind trip to Nashville. We went to witness the wedding ceremony of two of our favorite people in the whole world, Dave and Mindie Cantrell. Yay, it's so nice to say that now!

The wedding was gorgeous, as was the bride. We are so happy for Dave (Warren's lifelong closest a brother) and we think that he couldn't have chosen a better life-mate. AND as for Mindie's choice-- We think the world of Dave, so we know that she is blessed as well. We were so happy to be able to be a part of their happy day. The wedding was simply elegant (outside in a sunken garden in Centinial Park in Nashville), and the reception was beautiful, fun, and a time to spend with friends and family. It was all perfect.

Daddy and Madelyn

Cooper in his tie (he was so proud).

Dave walking his grandmother to her seat.

Dave waiting to see his bride

The beautiful bride. Cooper said, "She looks so pretty!"

Mr. and Mrs. David Cantrell

Cooper and Madelyn stayed up late to celebrate at the reception.

Cooper loving on Madelyn at the reception

Mr. and Mrs. Cantrell leaving the reception

The kids were invited, which meant a lot to us, and so we packed up the family (and all the stuff that accompanies a four year old and 9 month old (why someone that small needs twice as much stuff as everyone else always amazes me!).

Cooper was amazed by so much at the hotel. The glass elevators that took you up 20something floors, the ice machine, the huge King sized bed that we ALL slept in, the big TV where he could watch Hannah Montana, the little bottles of shampoo, the bathtub, the big mirrored doors on the closet, the valet parking (I loved this, too), the keycard that he could use to open the door to our room, and did I mention the elevators??? If we had just gone to the hotel and done nothing else, that boy would have been one happy guy! ;)

The only picture I got in the hotel. I can't believe I didn't get more. Madelyn enjoying her crib in her swimsuit and coverup. :) Her first hotel stay.

The next day, before we returned home, we took Cooper and Madelyn to The Discovry Center in Murfreesboro. On the way, we got caught in a two hour traffic jam, but let me tell you, God was with us. Both kids fell asleep and slept the entire time we were stuck in traffic. Are you serious??? You know that was God looking out for us.

The Discovery Center was WONDERFUL! Cooper loved every minute of it. He played on everything there. His absolute favorite was the water table where he made a really cool fountain, made waves, saw how rocks change the water's flow, and many many more things. He also loved dressing as a fireman, climbing on a fire engine, changing a tire, working a backhoe, pretending to be in a coalmine, seeing a tortoise, a hedgehog, a gecko, and lots of other hands-on activities. Madelyn had a great time watching her brother run around. As we were leaving, Cooper begged us to come back the next day. :) We will definitely go back when we are in the area again. I would have a yearly pass if I lived anywhere near there. It is a great place!

Cooper at the watertable making his fountain.

Cooper had so much fun at the water table.

Daddy had fun playing, too.

Cooper on the Penny Farthing

Helping Daddy change a tire.

My heroes!!!

Working in a coalmine

Madelyn loved getting down and playing, too.

She also had a good time watching Cooper play.

Yep, he's our monkey!

It was a great get-away, and we had such a wonderful time. Congratulations David and Mindie!


Ellie said...

Simply awesome Liz. As usual your family is amazing!

Jane Ann said...

Is this Sarai and Adam Cantrell's brother?

Jane Ann

Mindie said...

I loved re-living the wedding through your family vacation! :) We were so glad you guys were able to attend!! Love you guys!