Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Baby is 10 months old!!!

Can you believe it? I cannot believe that in two months my sweet baby, Madelyn, will be one year old. This time is going by really too quickly.

A few things about Madelyn right now. She is just such a sweet baby. Everyone that she is around comments on what a sweet baby she is, and it is true. She is pretty laid back, and as long as I don't leave the room, she is usually a happy girl. She has begun doing so much the past few months. She now crawls like a pro (although her style is a little different), is pulling up on everything, and has started cruising somewhat. Her favorite thing to do is to find things that she is not supposed to get into...and get into them. :) She loves music and has started dancing in the past few weeks. She loves to watch her brother and is often seen grinning and laughing at him.

Madelyn already knows how to get what she wants. She has a sweet smile and if she really wants to get you, she will tilt her head to the left and give you her best grin. She has a smooshy face where she squishes up her nose and sometimes that accompanies a snort. :) It is too funny.

Madelyn is very verbal (imagine that..just like her daddy...:) She can say Hey (while waving) and Bye Bye (while waving). Those are actually two different kind of waves. Hey is a circle wave and bye bye is a hand wave. Then, she has a come get me wave where she hand waves towards herself and then holds out her arms. She says, Mama, Dada, Bubba, Bye Bye, Hey, and does a lot of other talking. She can also say Papa...it is funny...it comes out in whisper.

Her newest trick was funny the first time, and we all made the mistake of laughing. She now has started doing it everytime she eats. A raspberry sound with a mouth full of food. Needless to say, I am usually wearing much of her food by the end of her meal these days.

She normally sleeps through the night. Her naps are iffy. She naps great at daycare, but not so much with Mommy. She will fall asleep with Mommy, but Mommy can't figure out how to get her down. So, this summer, Mommy has been enjoying some naptime with Madelyn while poor Cooper has to tiptoe around. :)

Speaking of Cooper, he is still as in love with her as the day we brought her home. He is so good with her, and has never once been a bit jealous. The only thing he wants is her attention, and I am happy to say that she is NOW starting to give that to him.

Here are some recent pictures of our sweet baby girl. We are so blessed to have her in our family.

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Spring Fricks said...

She is too precious.

Hi, I linked here from the "secret holocaust diaries". I know a Neely family and thought it might be you.

My daughter will turn four in one month and I simply can't believe it. Sometimes I just sit and stare at her. G-d is good.